Located in Sarasota & Naples, Florida

Architecture Firm License: AA0003661

Architecture Firm License: AA0003661


89 Beach

Siesta Key, FL

Completed 2023

Siesta Key Beach is a unique place along South West Florida’s vast white sandy coastline, starting South of Tarpon Springs’ Anclote Key, and ending at Marco Island.

The shoreline of Siesta Key is a dynamic arrangement of surfaces comprised of silky white sugar-like sand and glimmering calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The turns one takes while walking the water’s edge are defined by the small rolling tidal eddies and natural subtle imperfections of coastal landscape.

The composition of this delicate landscape could be rendered by photography thousands of times
attempting to capture the way sunlight brings mood, life, and soul to the vistas of Siesta Key.

89 Beach unbuilt residences are also capturing the essence of this unique place but doing so within
an assembly of surfaces which mimic the fragility of the calm glimmering reflective blue waters and its composition of glass and smooth white stucco facades. The juxtaposition of warm wood surfaces and slit privacy screens invoke the calmness of the docks, dunes and palm fronds fracturing the sun with unique shaped patterns on a stark white beach.

This unbuilt architecture compliments Siesta Key Beach in the way that it will be constructed. The various surfaces will refract and reflect the sunlight in a celebratory mimicry of the natural landscape and waterways known as Siesta Key Beach. The breezeways through the architecture will capture
and frame the beautiful vistas and allow the wind to permeate through the architecture.

The glazed ripple like facade facing the waterway is as calm and inviting as the warm, glowing, clear, Gulf water at sunset. This architecture is Florida. This architecture is timeless. This architecture responds to and is the landscape.

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