Located in Sarasota & Naples, Florida

Architecture License: AR 94536

Architecture Firm License: AA0003661


Add-Up Renovation

Lido Key, FL

Completed 2023

A 1950’s ranch on New Pass receives its third renovation. A 2009 renovation revamped the kitchen, living, and garage areas, while incorporating a new library space, home office, and rooftop terrace. This 2023 addition adds generational living and bedroom space to the original three bedroom home. A 1,000 square foot addition is perched atop the high-ceilinged collector car garage. With minimal lot coverage to work with, only 100 square feet is added to the lot as floor overhangs break up flat and minimalist facades. Building height was also restricted granting nine foot tall ceilings on the addition area to fit above the collector car garage. To reduce the height of the garage, the second floor addition features an exterior skirt to visually lower its elevation to create balance between the old and new while contained within a classic frame, it aligns with the existing roof lines.

Two bedrooms share a balcony off the front of the addition while the living space generously opens to breathtaking views of New Pass and beyond. Access is granted from the 2009 additions garage foyer where an old coat closet once belonged. While the front balcony is lowered to align, the rear balcony is intentionally lifted to float above the existing and previous addition. The exterior style is overall warmed with the addition of wood look cladding to invigorate the existing starkness. The front entry was refreshed with a new glass pivot door, wood cladding, and vegetation to create a livable, warm entry procession.

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