Located in Sarasota & Naples, Florida

Architecture License: AR 94536

Architecture Firm License: AA0003661



Sarasota, FL

Built in 2018

Betonhaus is positioned on a narrow linear site on the Gulf Coast inland waterway. The constraints of this site focused the residential layout into a linear shotgun form. Rather than a deterrent, design opportunities exploded with larger overhangs, more glass, and sleek, thin roof lines. Intended as a vacation home totaling six bedrooms and six-and-a-half baths, five guest bedrooms line the exterior, each opening onto a continuous veranda and view. The elevated constraints of the velocity zone allow the home a cantilevered protection from the elements as it seemingly floats above the ground.

Unlike many stark white boxes spotted along Florida’s Gulf Coast, Betonhaus uses raw concrete, wood accents and subtle color to warm the overall aesthetic and add additional layers of detail to the design. “Warm modern” is a new modern typology that invites inhabitants to actually live in the space rather than feel alienated. It is warm, family-friendly and easy to live in. The conditioned 5,500 square feet is elevated on the second floor via elevator and feature atrium staircase climbing a polished architectural concrete wall.

The rear of the home contains the critical spaces of the home and becomes transparent with sliding
glass doors flooding the home with indirect natural light. The kitchen, great room, and master suite comprise the elevated core with an expansive covered deck for outdoor living. Drawing inspiration from midcentury design, with current modern features and philosophies are evident in this home with floor to ceiling glass walls, patterns of three, opacity of walls to allow passive ventilation, and a connection to the outdoors.

The grounds around the residence continue the linear footprint as tropical greenery speaks to the
clean and simple lines of the home and the lush backdrop becomes just as much of the home as the raw materials. A lap pool slides under the overhanging decks and spills out to an infinity edge overlooking the waterway.

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