Located in Sarasota & Naples, Florida

Architecture License: AR 94536

Architecture Firm License: AA0003661


Blue Marlin

Bird Key, FL

Built in 2020

Water, water everywhere, this family of eight loves the water.  Activities like fishing, boating, sailing, and swimming are a daily part of their lives. The property is wedge-shaped surrounded by the water. With a focus on the outdoors, the sweeping views are complemented with a pool shaped parallel to the canal side seawall.  Seven thousand three hundred square feet of home all orient to the view with the house design being made up of a series of cubes.  The most pronounced being the dynamic glass cube on the rear. The cube houses the upstairs media room and provides shade and cover for the outdoor pool deck and living area. A floor to ceiling and wall to wall motorized corner glass sliding door opens the living area to the deck, view and breeze bringing the outside in.

The house not only displays artwork but is a piece of art in itself. The coral stone monolith feature was inspired by the owners travels to the Caribbean and wood accents bring shape and warmth to the residence. The high gloss lacquer cabinets reflect the outside conditions and contrast the warm wood flooring; sand finish stucco accompanies smooth aluminum and light plays and reflects differently off each surface. The five bedrooms in the home all open onto outdoor elevated decks with access to a roof deck to watch sunsets and never-ending water views. The private areas on the second floor allowed the first to be open and transparent for entertainment.

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