Located in Sarasota & Naples, Florida

Architecture Firm License: AA0003661

Architecture Firm License: AA0003661


Coastal Dreams

Siesta Key, FL

Built in 2018

A 5,600 square foot palatial retreat in the British West Indies aesthetic sits atop a small bluff on Siesta Key. Overlooking water on three sides, the appearance is reminiscent of traditional British West Indies locales. A terraced driveway and entry progression nods at a modern twist while the decoration and embellishments are also minimized. The groundcover spills over the planter walls hinting at the old-world age and growth since colonial times. Inside, warm tones, light walls and fabrics, wood floors, and pops of blues and greens showcase each room. This is a look that is upscale and sophisticated. Not only is wood used to warm the spaces, whitewashed wood has been applied in ceiling trays and nickel gap boards on the walls add another dimension and texture to the spaces. Tropical plants and coastal fabrics are synonymous with this style, and help give each room a relaxed, lived-in feeling.

This home features a wine cellar, a skylit kitchen and lounge area, a den and two bedrooms on the first floor. The garage is a half level down but features nearly sixteen-foot ceilings for car lifts and extra storage. The pool deck was elevated up to the first living level to casually connect to outdoors. A dense traveler palm screen backdrops the pool for privacy and greenery as the fronds are at arm’s reach. The second floor provides two more bedrooms, an office and library, and a private master suite wing all accessing balconies via double terrace doors. Truly living the high style of coastal dreams.

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