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Architecture Firm License: AA0003661

Architecture Firm License: AA0003661


New Traditional

Sarasota, FL

Many clients are torn between modern, contemporary, and traditional design for a new home andthat struggle is often carried into the Architect’s office. The solution is typically a blend of the owners wishes if they cannot pick sides. In Sarasota especially, the continuing boom of modern design has pushed the scales of what would be considered traditional given the city’s design history. Architects focus on modern so much that contemporary is everything that doesn’t fit in that category. Traditional homes are thought of as the warm and cozy homes of one’s childhood. We set out to capture that warmth and coziness as a new typology, New Traditional. This home is a blend of all three mentioned styles; modern design overtures with contemporary notes and traditional details.

At fifty-four hundred square feet, every inch of this site is maximized to its greatest potential. Fitting all the client’s needs into this home while avoiding protected oak trees, raised flood elevations and waterfront setbacks was quite difficult. The footprint restrictions pushed this home to the maximum residential building height permitted which allowed the elevation to be expressed in a strengthened vertical fashion. A flat roof was chosen to increase ceiling height.Deep garage space and an enclosed poolside cabana attach to a central entry elevator and stair core on the first floor. The second floor is comprised of two bedrooms with balconies, an open great room with living, dining and kitchen connected to a rear balcony for outdoor living. The central core continues up to the third floor where the master suite, private outdoor balcony and two additional bedroom suites fill the top floor.

The strong verticality is exaggerated with long vertical windows, wood feature walls, and repetitive solid/void porch screening. Horizontal elements like louvered window overhangs and covered balconies intersect the vertical elements to create closure to the vertical movement of the façade.

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