Located in Sarasota & Naples, Florida

Architecture Firm License: AA0003661

Architecture Firm License: AA0003661


Prairie Retreat

Sarasota, FL

Located away from the city bustle, this one story retreat was inspired by the owners woodworking hobby of replica architectural furniture. Horizontality was a driving concept on the elevations to harmonize with the ideals captured in the original furniture. At three thousand square feet, the home is strikingly noticeable on the five and a half acre site. A large lake sits behind the home and reflects the elevation over a few extra acres of the site. The white façade dances up in the tree canopy as the horizontal roof lines repress that feeling to keep it grounded.  

A clerestory band of windows wraps all four sides of the great room to bring daylight in at any angle. The light filled Great Room is mottled with various time period styles to represent the owner’s eclectic tastes. Merging modern, Midcentury, Post-modern, and Roaring Twenties pieces is epitomized with stained glass window inserts mounted behind modern impact windows. A black and white theme is subdued with warm wood tones as black window frames meet stained cypress ceilings throughout the house.

Looking out onto the pool deck and landscaping beyond is maximized with a twenty-four foot wide sliding wall of glass that pockets into the wall for a truly unobstructed opening. A thirty-five foot wide pool centers on the axial arrangement of the home. The open Great Room divides the house into two wings, one with a master bedroom suite and office, the other wing with a second master suite or guest room with a den.

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